The Thai Foot Reflexology : Theory

The nervous system and the skin are intimately connected as they descend from the same embryonic sheet. This is why massage acts profoundly into the nervous system the command centre of all psychic and physical activities.

All stimuli received are evaluated, measured, studied and travel through our grey matter before arriving to the vital organs.

The feet and hands particularly possess an enormous amount of nervous endings and occupy a more important place than the rest of the body at the cerebral cortex level.

This explains the action at a distance of the profound stimulation of a reflex zone.

The foot is a global lecture card for the body, each of the foots reflex zones corresponds to a precise part of the organism.

It is acknowledged that Thai Foot Reflexology has a positive effect on blood circulation, the nervous system and therefore on the health of internal organs. Knowing that 70% of disorders are du precisely to nervous tensions. this in-depth foot massage is the perfect solution to alleviate them.